Further Documentation

  • The GRE is not required or considered for OTD applicants.
  • International applicants must submit Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). 
  • 25 hours of documented volunteering/shadowing/service learning with an occupational therapy professional in at least three different settings, with at least two different populations, e.g., children and adults. The required cover sheet may be accessed here.
  • Three letters of recommendation from individuals who can address potential for graduate education (includes current or former professors, academic administrators, advisors, and mentors who are not relatives of the applicant.)
  • Written personal statement.
  • Eligible applicants will be directe to complete a Multiple Mini Interview (MMI), the Health Science Reasoning Test (HSRT) and the Computer-Based Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics (CASPer) assessments (additional cost) and a scholarly writing activity.

Frequently Asked Questions about Application Documentation

Submitting the Application

Where do I submit my application?

All applicants must apply through the Occupational Therapist Centralized Application Service. If accepted into the program, you will receive an invitation from the OTD program with a special link to apply to the U of A Graduate School.

When is the best time to submit my application for your program in OTCAS?

As soon as possible. To keep the ball rolling, you may submit your application before completing prerequisites and observation hours. You have until Aug. 31 before your planned start date to complete these requirements.

What is rolling admission?

Programs with rolling admissions evaluate applications as they are received versus waiting to evaluate all applications after a hard deadline. For this program, you may apply up to a year and a half before the start date of the program. For example: You may apply as early as August 2021 to reserve your spot for the Spring 2023 start date — you would not need to be finished with your undergrad until December 2022.

Letters of Recommendation / References

Who should write my letters of recommendation?

You should choose individuals who can speak to your ability to perform in a graduate-level setting and attest that you are a good candidate for an OT profession. Letters from relatives and friends are not acceptable.


Can you review my transcript?

Contact Aaron Abbott, assistant director of graduate recruitment, for guidance.

What if my official transcript isn’t finalized before the OTCAS deadline?

It is understandable that transcripts may not be finalized by the deadline of the Occupational Therapist Centralized Application Service. Please submit your most current transcript and regularly update us on your completion of prerequisites and undergraduate requirements.

Shadowing Requirements

I’m confused about the forms I need to turn in about shadowing — which ones do I turn in and where?

You will find two forms available to you on our website:

  • Site Observation Form (PDF). If you have another form that includes observation information and a signature/evaluation from the OT you observed, you may use that form instead. This form is only if you do not have another form to use. Please upload these detailed forms into the main OTCAS portal.
  • OTD Observation Composite Cover Sheet (PDF). This form is required of all applicants. Please compile your observation information — this one is not as detailed — and put into the UA/UAMS OTCAS portal where instructed.

I have already completed my shadowing hours throughout the past year, most of which I did elsewhere. Do I need to do an additional form for your program?

If you used a school form to verify your shadowing experiences, we will accept that form. If you need one, please use the Site Observation Form (PDF) in lieu of a school form.

Can you help me find places to do my observation hours?

It is the applicant’s responsibility to identify and coordinate clinical observations. Because of multiple factors, we cannot recommend or arrange observational hours.

If you have additional questions, contact us at OTD@uark.edu for the fastest response.