What to Expect

If invited to join the upcoming Department of Occupational Therapy class:

  • You will be required to apply and be accepted to the University of Arkansas Graduate School. Additional fees may apply. Please note that application to the Graduate School will not be considered unless invited to apply by the OTD Program Director or her designee.
  • Students will be required to own commonly available, up-to-date technological devices, as specified, for use in all program courses. Do not purchase until the program instructs you to do so to ensure correct model is purchased. Students are eligible for education discounts.
  • Students may be given instruction on completion of additional requirements prior to program start as some may be time-sensitive.

Once we have filled our cohort, we may close our Occupational Therapy Central Application System portal. Some applicants may be placed on a waiting list.

Frequently Asked Questions about What to Expect

Touring the Program Site

I'm considering applying to your program and would like to schedule an on-campus visit. How do I do that?

Please contact our program directly to schedule personal tours as far ahead of time as possible. Visiting with program faculty members is subject to their availability.

Informational meetings for prospective students will be held virtually during the 2021-2022 term. They are held the fourth Tuesday of the month, skipping December. Times once set are in the table below along with online registration. You may wish to reconfirm time and date by emailing otd@uark.edu.

2021-2022 Virtual (Zoom) Information Session Schedule
Aug. 24 Register | Jan. 14, 2022 — 10 a.m. Register
Sept. 28 — 10 a.m. Register | Feb. 22 — TBD Register
Oct. 26 — 5 p.m. Register | March 15 — TBD Register
Nov. 23 — 5 p.m. Register | May 17  — TBD Register

You also can schedule U of A campus visits through the Graduate School.

Meeting with Faculty

Does establishing a relationship with a faculty member in the OTD program put me at an advantage over other candidates?


Is it to my advantage to contact OTD@uark.edu and the program director, Sherry Muir, if I have questions or needs during the application process?

It is not helpful to contact Dr. Muir with questions regarding the application process. Please direct these questions to the email address above.

Who can meet with me to discuss my current progress, different OT schools and recommended courses to take?

Aaron Abbott, assistant director of graduate recruitment, can help with these types of questions.


Is there a cost sheet we can review together for this program? We did see the cost sheet based on graduate hours, but since this is a doctoral program, we figured the cost might be different. Also, when would we know about financial assistance? These may be questions specifically for financial aid and if so, would you mind forwarding me that way?

OTD provides details on tuition, fees and other expenses. Below is other information that may help you with getting an estimate on costs and some links as well that may help.

As far as financial aid, you will have to talk to the financial aid office directly, and their number is 479-225-9231.

Does your program have opportunities for scholarships or graduate assistant positions to help lessen tuition costs?

We do not have GA positions for our students at this time due to the number of hours required in these positions. We will communicate scholarship and other funding opportunities as we receive them. It is recommended that all applicants and students seek grant and financial aid resources independently or with the guidance of a person who specializes in facilitating funding. We have no recommendations for people who may assist you.

Student Life

What is the start date for your program if I am accepted?

The UA/UAMS OTD Program starts in the spring intersession every year around Jan. 2 — the course offered 1-2 weeks prior to the start of the spring semester.

If I am accepted, what will my schedule be like? Can I work full time?

The OTD program is full time, and courses are offered during the day. It is highly recommended that students limit or suspend working as they are able to give themselves time for the rigorous requirements for successful completion. Every semester is different, and courses may be offered between 8-5 daily, with some outside field trips, group work and other requirements during non-scheduled course hours. Most of these will be communicated to students at least 1 month prior to the event unless they depend on individual student group scheduling.

Is it possible to do the OTD program part time?

No, it is not possible to do part time in our program.

Does your program help with housing arrangements and other needs when adjusting to a new community?

The Student Occupational Therapy Association has a Facebook group that students are invited to join as soon as they are accepted to the Graduate School. SOTA helps with connecting potential roommates, suggesting resources, social activities etc.

If you have additional questions, contact us at OTD@uark.edu for the fastest response.